I have one word to describe Mae's Acupressure: AMAZING!!! I am a nurse and therefore have a lot of back issues. One trip to Mae, and I am hooked! I am going for monthly treatments! I have never had such relief from back discomfort. Her hands really do work wonders. I highly recommend Mae!!!

- Luciana J.

Sacramento Massage

Sacramento massage therapist Mae Hu is the owner of Mae’s Acupressure Therapy located at 1007 7th Street, Suite 211, Sacramento California 95814. To book your Sacramento Massage appointment, click the link at the top of this page or call us at (916) 761-3268.

Are All Sacramento Massages created Equal?

Mae Hu is a Sacramento certified massage therapist and has been licensed since 2009. Mae opened Mae’s Acupressure Therapy in 2010 and has been met with an overwhelming response from customers. In 2011, 2012 and most recently in 2013 Mae’s Acupressure Therapy was a KCRA finalist for Best Sacramento Massage.

The secret behind the amazing massage therapy services provided at Mae’s Acupressure Therapy is the integration of Western medicine and ancient Eastern healing techniques. Mae is a licensed California massage therapist and she has combined what she learned in California with her vast knowledge of ancient Chinese medicine and healing techniques. Having a massage therapist that not only understands the muscles in the body but also how energy or Qi (pronounced Chi) flows between them provides a unique opportunity for you to receive a truly relaxing and a truly healing massage. Sacramento Asian Massage is a highly sought after service largely due to the tremendous healing benefits that these ancient Chinese medicine techniques provide.

Sacramento Massage

Additional Services at Mae’s Acupressure Therapy

In addition to our Sacramento Massage services we are proud to offer Reflexology and Cupping services. Our Sacramento Reflexology service is simplistically described as a foot massage that promotes circulation and healing. Pressure points in the feet can be activated to restore the natural flow of energy in the body which goes a long way to produce total relaxation as well as healing. Please visit our Sacramento Reflexology page to learn more about this service.

Sacramento Cupping services are also available at Mae’s Acupressure Therapy. Cupping therapy is an alternative medicinal practice that involves suction of a local area which generates heat that helps release tension and energy blockages to restore natural Qi flow. To learn more about this service, please visit our Sacramento Cupping page.

Sacramento Massage Reviews & Awards

We want everyone looking for a massage in Sacramento to know that we take customer service and massage therapy very seriously. Please take a moment to read our Sacramento Massage Reviews page to hear first hand reviews left by real customers of Mae’s Acupressure Therapy. In addition to the massage reviews featured on our website, our wonderful clients have left reviews all over the internet about the wonderful services they have received.

Not only have our clients left wonderful feedback about our services but they have truly gone the extra mile to vote for us in the A*List competition sponsored by KCRA. In 2011 our valued customers voted us to #11 for Best Sacramento Massage. This competition occurred just 1 year after our opening. We were more than thrilled to achieve such a high result. In 2012 our faithful fans did it again and this time they voted us into the #6 spot! We were so thrilled to jump up from #11 to #6 on the Best Sacramento Massage list. And then this year we were overwhelmed with gratitude when our massage therapy clients voted us into 3rd place. Just 3 years after our opening and we finished in the top 3 of Best Sacramento Massage providers? This honor is truly amazing and we appreciate every vote that was cast in the competition. We look forward to next year!

Sacramento Massage Coupons & Discounts

So you’re a thrifty shopper on the hunt for a Sacramento Massage Coupon? Good for you! At Mae’s Acupressure Therapy we offer many discounts and coupons. First, as a thank you for all customers we offer a Birthday Coupon which is emailed to you and will save you $15 on a massage! In addition to our Birthday Coupon, we have a loyalty card that will earn you an extra 30 minutes completely free once the card is full. Our frequent massage clients love the loyalty card and the added 30 minutes of free massage therapy! In addition, we offer several coupons and discounts throughout the year for holidays and special promotions. We announce special offers via email and Facebook so please take the time to provide us with your email address and like our Facebook Fan Page.

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