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Sacramento Acupressure

What exactly is acupressure? That question is a question that we get a lot here at Mae’s Acupressure Therapy. I like to describe Acupressure as the origin of massage therapy. Acupressure is ancient Chinese art. Acupressure goes beyond the understanding of the muscles and tensions that can be stored in the body. Acupressure incorporates the knowledge of how and where energy flows throughout the body. By gently stimulating pressure points throughout the body, your Sacramento Acupressure therapist can relieve tension in your entire body.

When you come to Mae’s Acupressure Therapy for a Sacramento Acupressure Massage you are truly getting the best of both worlds. As a massage therapist certified by the State of California, Mae has been trained in the ways of western massage. Mae has taken that knowledge and combined it with the ancient massage techniques of her Chinese culture to provide an award-winning, truly unique, Sacramento Acupressure Massage.

If you have yet to receive an Acupressure Massage in your life, you are truly missing out. If you take a moment to read our Customer Reviews, you will see that our customers not only rate the quality of their Acupressure Massage very high, but they also talk about how the experience at Mae’s Acupressure Therapy is truly a unique one. Our customer return rate is very high because once you receive a Sacramento Acupressure Massage at Mae’s Acupressure Therapy, you will want to keep coming back.

We encourage you to Book Online and let us show you why a Sacramento Acupressure Massage at Mae’s Acupressure Therapy is the best massage you will ever have! You can also make an appointment by calling (916) 761-3268.