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What makes a massage an Asian Massage?

I am sure that this question has more than one answer because the clients we get calling in for a Sacramento Asian Massage are looking for a wide variety of services.  Some clients are looking for a Thai Massage, which is a massage that is usually performed on the floor and without oils.  Other clients have received massages from Asian massage therapists and while they cannot pinpoint what exactly was better about the massage, they know that it was better.  If you asked us to define Asian Massage we would tell you that an Asian massage is a massage that combines traditional massage therapy and healing techniques that date back to ancient China.  These Chinese massage techniques incorporate methodologies that center around the idea that energy flows through the body in pathways and that those pathways can become blocked by stress, diet, exercise, etc.  An Asian massage therapist like Mae Hu will focus on relieving muscle tension and pain by clearing energy blockages.  As a client receiving an Asian massage at our massage parlor, you may not notice any techniques that feel different during the massage, but you are certainly likely to feel different than you ever have after your massage is over.

Sacramento Asian Massage

Is Asian Massage Painful?

Some of the clients that call in looking for a Sacramento Asian Massage ask if they should be prepared for a painful massage.  I am not sure where this fear comes from, although I certainly think that some of it comes from Hollywood and images of Chinese massage therapists giving rough massages or cracking backs by walking on them.  The truth is that a massage that incorporates walking on the back is not painful and an Asian massage is only different than a traditional massage because of techniques used, but you won’t notice a difference with regards to pressure and the massage certainly will not be painful.  Receiving an Asian massage is often described as the ultimate form of relaxation and many massage clients report feeling very different after the massage.  Recipients of our Asian massage in Sacramento often say that they feel more energy in the days following their massage.  And clients who receive regular Asian massages often report feeling happier and healthier.  There is certainly no doubt that massage provides medical benefits and many medical doctors have spoken about the physical benefits of massage therapy.

Ready to try an Asian Massage?

Receiving a massage that incorporates modern day massage therapy techniques and ancient Chinese healing techniques is something that everyone should get to experience in their lifetime.  An Asian massage truly is an incredible experience and produces ultimate levels of relaxation.  If you are ready to book your Sacramento Asian massage appointment, call us at 916-761-3268 or book your Sacramento Asian massage appointment online.


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