Cupping in Sacramento

Cupping in Sacramento

As part of our desire to incorporate ancient Chinese healing techniques into Western massage therapy, Mae’s Acupressure Therapy provides cupping in Sacramento.  Chinese massage therapy incorporates cupping as a way to stimulate the flow of energy or Qi (pronounced Chi) through the body’s meridians.  Cupping helps ease muscle tension and stimulate energy flow which can help a massage therapist target chronic or deep muscle tension issues.

Is Cupping Painful?

Most clients describe the pain level of cupping as minimal.  The suction from the jars that are used can create red marks that generally last up to 72 hours but are generally not painful to the touch.  “No more painful than a deep tissue massage” is how one of our Sacramento cupping patients described her massage therapy appointment that included cupping.

The History of Cupping Therapy

Scientists have been able to trace records of cupping therapy back farther than 3000 B.C. and written accounts of cupping therapy have been documented in many ancient cultures including the Chinese, Greek and Egyptians.

Celebrities and Cupping Therapy

The video below features Dr. Zhong speaking about cupping therapy.  The video was originally featured as part of a news article written by E! Entertainment Television about celebrities who enjoy the health benefits that cupping provides.

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