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Guozhi Zhou

Hello, my name is Guozhi Zhou. I am a massage therapist over12 years. As a graduate of Fair Oaks Institute, acupuncture doctor trainingwith over 600 hours massage training, applied body meridians and hands-onexperience. Through over 12 years body work, I got variety of experience for differentbodies. My style is more therapeutic on pressure points on different meridiansline in order to take out pain, running Qi and good circulation. The strength of my massage isprofessional focus problem area like neck/shoulder/low back/headache andstress, etc.

I take continuing education very year in Fair Oaks Institute in order to improve myknowledge and technology.

I love my job and feel successful when the customer is cured by me. Also I like traveling and sport; I am a very open person.

Destini Bouldin

Ni Hao,

My name is Destini Bouldin, I am a Certified Massage Therapist and Health Educator in California. I graduated from National Holistic Institute with 900 hours in massage training, and also graduated from Wat Po School for Traditional Thai Massage with 165 hours in Salaya Thailand.
I can focus on places of tension/pain with acupressure points, stretching and deep pressure to create space in the body.

I have learned the process of cupping and foot reflexology as well as their traditional back ground and physiological effects.

Being able to combine eastern holistic modalities with Western anatomy is the reason why I chose to work at Mae’s Acupressure.

When I am not working I enjoy making art, drawing is more of my thing but I have been painting more. I love to craft, travel, go on bike rides, roller skate, and play a game of basketball with some of my friends.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Zai Jian!

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