Gift a Sacramento Massage

Are You Looking to Gift a Sacramento Massage to Your Loved One?

At Mae’s Acupressure Therapy, our founders wanted to create a massage therapy system that incorporated all of the best techniques from both traditional massage therapy and Chinese acupressure. From that dream, Mae’s Acupressure Therapy was created.

With a unique mixture of targeting pressure points to promote relaxation and massaging soft tissues, we pride ourselves on giving the best massage in Sacramento, something that would be perfect as a gift for your loved one.

We Have the Most Well-Trained Massage Therapists in Sacramento

Because our massage therapy methods are different than what is taught at traditional massage therapy schools, all our massage therapists are highly educated at our office in addition to their rigorous vocational training. By the end of the training process, our massage therapists become experts at Sacramento acupressure therapy, massage therapy, and reflexology.

No matter which of our massage therapists in Sacramento you see during your appointment, you will experience a deep relaxation that can only be reached through the innovative process of identifying the pressure points on the body and getting the muscles to release their tension naturally.

Our Sacramento Reflexology and Massage Therapy is Award-winning

Though any massage therapist in Sacramento will want to tell you that they are the best, we have the credentials to prove it. With a plethora of testimonials from happy customers and Sacramento awards for best massage therapy to back us up, we are confident that we offer the best massages available.

Our secret is simple. We combine the ancient methods of Chinese acupressure into our massages in a way that no one else does. That’s what inevitably sets us apart from our competition.

To schedule a Sacramento massage for you or a loved one, call Mae’s Acupressure Therapy today!

Category : Blog Posted on November 18, 2013

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