KCRA 2014

KCRA A*List 2014

KCRA A List 2014

2014 Best Sacramento Massage Contest

Mae Hu opened Mae’s Acupressure Therapy in downtown Sacramento in 2010.  Mae opened her massage parlor with the hope of creating a place for people to get a massage in Sacramento that combined ancient Asian massage practices with modern massage therapy technique.  One year later Mae’s Acupressure Therapy had grown into a successful business in Sacramento with many regular clients.  In 2011 a dedicated customer nominated us in the Best Massage category of the KCRA3 A*List competition.  We finished in 11th place that year.  One year later in the 2012 contest we jumped up to 6th place and last year we finished in 3rd place!  We would really like to make it to the top 2 this year and we need YOU, our dedicated customers to help us get there.

How To Vote in the 2014 KCRA3 A*List Competition

Step 1: Click Here to visit the Best Massage page.

Step 2: Sign-in with your Facebook account or create a free KCRA3 account.

Step 3: Find Mae’s Acupressure Therapy and click the yellow “vote” icon.


That’s right!  We recognize that your time is valuable and we want to show you how much we appreciate each of you taking the time to vote for us in this competition.  As a reward, we are discounting all of our massage services by $20 for everyone who votes for us.  That is an incredible savings.  Once you have voted, purchase any of the discounted gift certificates below.

From each of us at Mae’s Acupressure Therapy: Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!

Regularly $60, we are offering KCRA3 voters our signature 60 minute Acupressure Massage for only $40.

This 60 minute massage is a full body massage and will help increase blood and energy flow throughout your body which helps remove muscle tension and soreness for a truly healing & relaxing experience.

Regularly $90, we are offering KCRA3 voters our popular 90 minute back of body massage for only $70.

This 90 minute massage session includes “walk on back” therapy which provides a deep level of tension release in the muscles.  This massage will leave you feeling better than you have felt in a long time.

Regularly $120, we are offering KCRA voters our popular 2 Hour Full Body Massage for only $100.

This 120 minute massage is a full body massage and is a fantastic way to truly pamper yourself.  This massage is 2 full hours of full body massage therapy – it is an experience unlike any other.

Book Your Massage Today:

If you have already voted and you have purchased your discount Gift Certificate, call Mae’s Acupressure Therapy at (916) 761-3268 to book your massage appointment today!  Thank you for your vote!  We look forward to showing you why we really are the place for the Best Massage in Sacramento!