About Us

About Mae Hu’s Acupressure and Massage Therapy in Sacramento

From the time Mae’s Acupressure Therapy in Sacramento was started, we have been helping patients get rid of their pain and tension, allowing them to restore health and well-being to the whole of their bodies. Our massage therapy philosophies include focusing on trigger points all across the body to release tension and promote overall blood circulation.

It All Started with Certified Sacramento Massage Therapists

Our massage therapy office has several certified massage therapists who are well versed in our philosophy. All our licensed massage therapists are also qualified in sports massage and reflexology that will help athletes, whether they are amateurs or professionals, relieve the pain from overuse and get back on the field.

While our massage therapists go through traditional training, they also go through Mae Hu’s training that includes acupressure methodology. That way, no matter which of our massage therapists you’re seeing during your visit, you will have the best experience possible.

Promoting the Body’s Natural Healing Processes

By improving circulation, moving the body’s soft tissue around, and relaxing the body, we can improve your body’s health and encourage the body’s own healing processes. That’s why our licensed massage therapists are able to help both those who live sedentary lifestyles and those who are exceptionally active.

Whether you’re looking for Sacramento massage therapists to help you relax after a difficult work week or want a way to help you get ready for your next athletic event, our acupressure techniques offer a holistic approach to massage therapy.

To have a session with trained Sacramento massage therapist Mae Hu, call Mae’s Acupressure Therapy and schedule your appointment. We will be happy to explain our services and get you the package you need to promote a high level of relaxation and healing!