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Sacramento Massage Coupons

If you are looking for a Sacramento Massage Coupon, you’ve found the right page of our website. In addition to the special giveaways and promotions we run on our Facebook, we have two coupons for Sacramento massages below. Please take advantage of these specials offers; we look forward to seeing you and your massage coupon soon!

Get $10 Off Any Massage Session:


Happy Birthday to YOU from Mae’s Acupressure Therapy:

At Mae’s we think your birthday is a special event that is worth celebrating. It is also worth a $10 off massage coupon. You take your birthday coupon and apply it to any service you would like. Our massage coupon is valid within 90 days of your birthday (Not combine with any special offer) so book your appointment, let us pamper you on your special day.

Happy Birthday to YOU
from Mae’s Acupressure Therapy!


Loyalty pays, literally!

We value our loyal customers, they’re like family. We like to take good care of our loyal customers and one way we do that is through our Loyalty Card. Not only does the loyalty card serve as a massage coupon, but it also serves as a frequent buyer card which will earn you a FREE price when it is full (10 times visit). $30 FREE for 30 mins session. $60 FREE for up to 60 mins session. Make recurring appointments to earn your loyalty card and redeem your free massage as soon as your loyalty card is full. You can cancel at anytime; the loyalty card discount cannot be combined with other special offers. If you have questions about our loyalty program, please give us a call.

Massage Coupons in Sacramento
Loyalty Pays at
Mae’s Acupressure Therapy

Looking for additional massage coupons or discounts? We recommend that you “like” our Facebook Fanpage and watch for special offers and discounts. If you are ready to book your appointment, call us at (916) 761 3268 or Book Online.